Jaelee Roberts - "Something You Didn't Count On"

Upon hearing Jaelee Roberts sing for the first time, it does not take one long to know this up & coming Bluegrass artist is going places. It is also easy to understand where she gets her immense talent from. Music has been in the 19 year old's blood since she was born to Bluegrass royalty. Her father is Danny Roberts, mandolinist with The Grascals, and Andrea Mullins Roberts, former singer with Special Consensus and Petticoat Junction and owner of The Andrea Roberts Agency. She has grown up around Bluegrass music, learning the ins and outs and making many friends and connections along the way. So, it would only seem natural that she would be one of Bluegrass music's rising stars.

But it is not by bloodline and association alone that she is being dubbed one of Bluegrass music's hottest artists to come along in quite sometime. She has sheer undeniable God-given talent that sets her apart and proves she's a force to be reckoned with. It didn't take long for Mountain Home Music Company to recognize Roberts talent and signed her to the label in August 2020.

Roberts' latest single, "Something You Didn't Count On" is the first single released on Mountain Home Music Company from her forthcoming debut album and is already seeing traction and major airplay on radio. Take a listen below.

The song is a tale about life and the unexpected things that occur that we don't count on and don't always see coming. As Roberts describes, the song has multiple meanings and can be taken from either a male or female perspective. Sometimes the best things in life are those we never expect.

Jaelee Roberts has a long career ahead of her. She is poised to be nominated and named Female Vocalist of the Year one day on her own merits. She has the pipes, the talent, and the 'it' factor that is already turning her into a shining star of Bluegrass. As her MHMC debut single describes, Roberts is one of those best things in life that makes Bluegrass music all the sweeter and a much needed breath of fresh air for an industry that has seen its share of heartache over the course of the past year.

It will be exciting to see what the future holds for Roberts as she makes her way in establishing herself as one of Bluegrass music's mainstays. Stay tuned.

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