The Goodfellers - "Dirty Laundry"

The Goodfellers are by any standards a bunch of 'good fellers' who came together to play music. As a result, an epic band was formed whose musical influences span a multitude of genres from New Grass Revival to The Eagles. When it comes to covering some of the most popular songs of our time, The Goodfellers know how to deliver.

The Goodfellers have done it again with their latest release, "Dirty Laundry". Suffice it to say, The Goodfellers have put a Bluegrass spin on one of Don Henley's most iconic signature songs and one that Henley should be proud of. It's not just a good rendition of the famous tune, but it proves once again that when Bluegrass artists cover music from other genres it not only works but does it justice in ways that would give most genres a run for their money.

If there ever was a time for a re-release of "Dirty Laundry" it is now given the state of affairs in our country and world. When Henley penned the song, he was ahead of his time. The song's inspiration was borne out of the ongoing and intrusive press coverage of the untimely deaths of John Belushi and Natalie Wood as well as Henley's own run-in with the law. The lyrics speak to the calliousness and dishonesty of news reporting as told in the 1980s. Little did Henley know back then that one day a certain President would coin the phrase 'fake news'.

The Goodfellers saw a perfect opportunity with this song and its release could not be more timely. The band is the best in the business for taking a previously released song and making it their own. Check out The Goodfellers' brand new video below for "Dirty Laundry".

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