The Sharp Flatpickers - "Sundrops on the Water - Reflections"

When The Sharp Flatpickers decided to release, "Sundrops on the Water - Reflections" on Mountain Fever Records, little did fans of Bluegrass music know what a treat they were in store for. The album kicks off with a catchy instrumental entitled, "Red Haired Boy" that sets the stage for a listening experience beyond compare. After the opening number, the project transitions into the title track which is as smooth and mellow as it suggests.

One of the most impressive instrumentals is "16 - 16" as it showcases the band's true talent and showmanship. "John Hardy" is as much of a jammin' Bluegrass number as one can find. Listeners that fancy the Blues will find delight in "Cold Call Blues". For Celtic music aficionados, the familiar sounds of "Molly Bloom" will satisfy. Bluegrass veterans Claire Lynch and Ronnie Bowman lend their vocals to "Goodbye Again" which is the project's first single released to radio.

The album is the brainchild of Lee Kotick who's biggest musical influences are Doc Watson, Norman Blake, Dan Crary and Tony Rice which can be heard all throughout this colorful project. Kotick, along with an all-star line-up of musicians, Gaven Largent, Bryan McDowell, Mark Shatz, Jarrod Walker,Geoff Saunders, Jake Stargel, Cory Walker, and Dennis Gies have created a project that offers something for every kind of music fan and then some. It catches your attention with the first note and holds it throughout.

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