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Bluegrass News Blast for Week Ending 8/4/2023!

The Grascals family experienced a joyous month recently, with two band members, guitarist/vocalist John Bryan and fiddler Jamie Harper, celebrating the arrival of their new baby boys! First to arrive was Jackson Oliver Bryan, born to John and Ashlynn Bryan on July 5 at 7:32 a.m. in Wilkesboro, NC. Weighing 7 lbs 13 oz and measuring 21.75”, Jackson was welcomed into the family by his older brother, Arlie. Then, on July 31, Stetson Tate Harper was born to Jamie and Lakyn Harper at 4:29 p.m. in Lebanon, TN. Weighing an even 7 lbs and measuring 20” long, Stetson is the first child for Jamie and Lakyn.

Chad Day is the newest addition to Deeper Shade of Blue, the Pinecastle Records artists, as he takes on the banjo role. He replaces Steve Wilson, who has left to concentrate on his Wilson Banjo Company. The rest of the Deeper Shade of Blue band members send their best wishes to Steve for his future endeavors.

Friday, August 4 marked the release of Nashville's Skyline Records' second single from Caroline Owens, titled "No More Blue Moons in Kentucky." The twice-nominated IBMA Momentum Vocalist delivers a heartfelt performance, accompanied by the soulful harmonies of Darin & Brooke Aldridge from Billy Blue Records. The song, penned by the Aldridges and Dennis K Duff, is a deeply emotional ballad, weaving themes of loss, longing, and heartache into its poignant lyrics.

Last Hour Bluegrass, a young bluegrass gospel quartet based in Central North Carolina, has unveiled their debut single, "He Guides My Way," released under the Morning Glory Music label. The group, established in May 2021, features Caleb Munson on guitar and lead vocals, Bailey Wagner on bass and tenor vocals, James Paquette on resophonic guitar and baritone vocals, and Noah Stills on banjo. Penned by Munson, "He Guides My Way" is a sincere and unpretentious bluegrass gospel track, delivering a candid and heartfelt message.

Pinecastle Records has officially signed the Edgar Loudermilk Band to a two-record contract, marking a notable return to his former label home. Edgar, who has been a professional bluegrass artist for 22 years, previously collaborated with Pinecastle Records in 2016 for a project. His journey in the bluegrass scene began with Rhonda Vincent & The Rage, followed by a stint with Marty Raybon upon Marty's return to the genre. Subsequently, he spent seven years as the bassist and tenor singer for Russel Moore & IIIrd Tyne Out before embarking on a successful solo career. Alongside his accomplished vocal abilities, Edgar is also recognized as a prolific songwriter. Presently, he is backed by an impressive ensemble comprising Zack Autrey on mandolin, Jamie Pittman on guitar, and Anthony Howell on banjo.

Having made their debut in 1982, Lonesome River Band continues to thrive after more than 40 years, spearheading a vibrant, contemporary bluegrass movement into the next generation. Their enduring impact is further emphasized today with an exclusive pre-release preview of their latest single, "She Don’t Know I’m Alive." Fronted by LRB guitarist Jesse Smathers, the song delves into a relatable tale of unrequited affection, where one finds themselves drawn to someone who remains oblivious to their existence. The band's ability to resonate with audiences over the years serves as a testament to their enduring appeal and creative prowess.

Billy Blue Records proudly unveils the signing of the exceptionally talented Kentucky singer and songwriter, Dave Adkins, to their label. Notably, Dave has also joined forces with Billy Blue Publishing as an esteemed songwriter. Over the last 13 years, Dave has devoted himself to establishing his presence as a prominent bluegrass bandleader, following a detour into rock and country music, which occurred after an earlier youth deeply immersed in bluegrass. Throughout his journey, Dave has achieved remarkable chart success, with several of his compositions, including "Change Her Mind" and "Sold," claiming the coveted #1 position on our esteemed Bluegrass Today Weekly Airplay chart. His consistently chart-topping songs underscore his exceptional musical prowess and enduring appeal within the bluegrass community.

Big Country Bluegrass, the beloved stalwarts of Virginia's traditional bluegrass scene, have recently welcomed Daniel Martin as their newest banjo player. Daniel's banjo journey began during his early teenage years when he immersed himself in the timeless sounds of Earl Scruggs and Don Reno, learning to play by ear while listening to their records. Whenever he encountered challenges, his skilled banjo-playing father was there to guide him. Nevertheless, it wasn't long before the talented young musician could effortlessly replicate any banjo riff from those records on his own. Joining forces with Big Country Bluegrass, Daniel joins the band's founders, Tommy and Teresa Sells, who have been leading the group since 1987, with Tommy on mandolin and Teresa on guitar. Alongside them are Eddie Gill on guitar and vocals, Tim Laughlin on mandolin and fiddle, and Tony King on bass, forming a formidable bluegrass lineup. The band is gearing up to work on a new album for Rebel Records, expected to be released sometime next year. Keep your ears attuned for this highly anticipated release that promises to be a remarkable addition to their already illustrious discography.

Keep checking back here to the Bluegrass News Blast each week for the latest headlines from the world of Bluegrass or whenever news breaks!

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