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Bluegrass Planet Radio Presents Exclusive Interview-Greg Blake, 2023 IBMA Male Vocalist of the Year!

Get ready for an extraordinary musical journey as Bluegrass Planet Radio proudly presents an exclusive interview with the 2023 IBMA Male Vocalist of the Year, Greg Blake. Hosted by the talented Debbielynne Howson on Sundaygrass, this special segment will air on Sunday, December 3, at 11 am Eastern.

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Listen live on Live365, TuneIn, or Online Radio Box by downloading the FREE apps and searching for Bluegrass Planet Radio. And don't forget, you can catch Sundaygrass every week at 11 am Eastern for more delightful bluegrass tunes!

Greg Blake: A True Appalachian Star

Greg Blake, born and raised in the mountains of West Virginia, brings a voice that resonates with the timeless traditions of mountain singers. With a rich twang, rumbling drawl, and a powerful high tenor cry, he embodies the essence of the 'high, lonesome sound.'

As a child, Greg was immersed in the country greats on TV and radio. At the age of seven, he begged his grandma for a guitar, setting the stage for a lifelong journey into music. After graduating from high school, he moved to Kansas City, recording on 12 albums for bands like the Bluegrass Missourians and The Harvest Quartet.

A Musical Odyssey

Greg's journey took a turn when his career in ministry led him to Colorado in 2007. There, he formed the acclaimed band Jeff Scroggins and Colorado, touring extensively and earning recognition for his traditional yet distinctive singing. In 2015, Greg transitioned from ministry to full-time bluegrass music, releasing his debut solo album, "Songs of Heart and Home."

Known as a "singer's singer," Greg has garnered nominations for Male Vocalist of the Year at the IBMA. He recently joined The Special Consensus as lead vocalist and guitarist, solidifying his status in the bluegrass industry.

Songs of Heart and Home

Greg's debut solo album showcases his vocal prowess and bandleader skills. Featuring collaborations with renowned musicians like Claire Lynch, K.C. Groves, Laurie Lewis, and others, the album spans genres, captivating Bluegrass, Folk, Country, and Gospel fans.

A man with an enormous heart, Greg's music is a celebration of family, love, and life in the hills. His uplifting joy infuses every note, reaching deep into the mountain roots of bluegrass. Unconstrained by tradition, he follows his heart, infusing powerful, soaring spirit into every performance.

Don't miss this exclusive interview on Sundaygrass, where Debbielynne Howson delves into the musical journey and soulful stories of Greg Blake, the Appalachian star of modern bluegrass. Tune in and experience the magic on Sunday, December 3, at 11 am Eastern. 🎶✨ #GregBlakeInterview #IBMAMaleVocalistOfTheYear #BluegrassPlanetRadio #Sundaygrass #TuneInNow 📻

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