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Bluegrass Planet Radio's Pickin' & Jammin' Showcase Finds New Home on The Bluegrass Jamboree

**Get Ready to Tune in and Experience the Best of Bluegrass Music

Music enthusiasts and bluegrass lovers are in for a treat as Bluegrass Planet Radio's beloved show, "Pickin' & Jammin' Showcase," has found a new home on The Bluegrass Jamboree. Hosted by the renowned Dawn Mac, the show will air every Saturday from 5-7 pm Eastern Time, presenting an array of toe-tapping tunes and soulful melodies to captivate audiences worldwide.

The Bluegrass Jamboree, owned and operated by the esteemed Annette Grady, is a leading Internet Bluegrass radio station that will soon celebrate 10 years of serving as a hub for bluegrass enthusiasts within the United States and beyond. Renowned for its dedication to promoting and preserving the rich tradition of bluegrass music, the station features a stellar live line-up of veteran radio personalities, ensuring an exceptional listening experience for its loyal audience.

Listeners can expect a diverse selection of bluegrass tunes during the show, from traditional classics to contemporary masterpieces. "Pickin' & Jammin' Showcase" will feature interviews with talented musicians, providing an opportunity for audiences to gain insights into the artists' creative processes and inspirations.

"I'm thrilled to bring 'Pickin' & Jammin' Showcase' to The Bluegrass Jamboree," expressed Dawn Mac. "This is an incredible opportunity to share the music I love with a wider audience and introduce listeners to the remarkable world of bluegrass talent. I can't wait to connect with loyal fans and welcome new ones into the bluegrass community."

The Bluegrass Jamboree has remained committed to its mission of promoting bluegrass music and supporting artists, attracting a global listenership of devoted fans. With a lineup of esteemed radio personalities within the United States and beyond, the station continues to offer top-tier content that resonates with its audience.

Music lovers and enthusiasts are encouraged to tune in to The Bluegrass Jamboree every Saturday from 5-7 pm ET to experience the magic of "Pickin' & Jammin' Showcase" hosted by Dawn Mac. Whether you're a devoted bluegrass aficionado or just starting to explore the genre, this captivating show promises to be an unforgettable musical journey.

Make sure to mark your calendars and tune in for the harmonious sounds of "Pickin' & Jammin' Showcase" with Dawn Mac, on The Bluegrass Jamboree.

You can also catch "Pickin' & Jammin' Showcase" Wednesdays 7pm Eastern Time on Bluegrass Planet Radio.

*About Bluegrass Planet Radio:* Bluegrass Planet Radio is owned and operated by Dawn Mac. A renowned online radio platform dedicated to promoting bluegrass music and supporting artists in the genre, it offers a vast array of syndicated programming. With a global listenership, it serves as a hub for bluegrass enthusiasts to discover exceptional music and stay connected with the bluegrass community.

*About The Bluegrass Jamboree:* The Bluegrass Jamboree is a prominent radio station committed to preserving and promoting the legacy of bluegrass music. With an unwavering passion for the genre, the station curates top-tier content and offers a platform for artists to showcase their talents and reach a broader audience delivered by live on-air veteran radio personalities.

Visit The Bluegrass Jamboree at their website & connect on social media:

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