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Bluegrass Songstress Katelyn Ingardia Releases Debut Solo Single: Getaway

Introducing South Carolina's talented bluegrass artist, Katelyn Ingardia, renowned for her role in the Backline band. Recently, she unveiled her debut single, titled "Getaway," from her upcoming solo album. Throughout her musical journey, Ingardia's original compositions have predominantly thrived within her band's recordings, receiving high acclaim for her soul-stirring lyrics, soothing melodies, and exceptional vocal prowess.

For her latest venture, the project also named "Getaway," Katelyn collaborated with the esteemed Jeff Partin, known for his reso-guitar skills with Rhonda Vincent & The Rage, as well as his reputation as a top-notch studio engineer and producer.

In discussing the genesis of her solo album, Katelyn expressed her gratitude for the opportune circumstances that led her to pursue this new endeavor. Amidst transitions within Backline and her personal life, an open door presented itself, allowing her to embark on this exciting solo journey. She acknowledges the unwavering support and encouragement from her bandmates during the entire process.

The collaboration with Jeff Partin was serendipitous, as Katelyn's bass player, Chris Williamson, suggested she connect with him for recording together. The pairing clicked instantly, both sharing a common vision of how to approach the project. Katelyn's main goal was to maintain an open-minded approach throughout the process, allowing the music and artists to breathe and evolve freely. She hoped this approach would shine through to the listeners and DJs alike.

The enthusiasm for this album extended to the talented lineup of bluegrass musicians featured in the recordings. Among them, Zack Arnold, a cherished friend, lent his musical prowess on this project. Aaron Ramsey, with whom Katelyn previously worked on the Backline album, Salem Town, proved to be a joy and privilege to collaborate with. Tim Crouch, a fiddle virtuoso suggested by Jeff, brought a remarkable artistry to the single and the entire record.

Katelyn expressed her appreciation for all the artists involved, teasing that there would be other exciting announcements about additional artists on the album in due course. Their collective time and talent made the recording process truly special.

"Getaway," Katelyn's debut single, exudes a dreamy love song quality, artfully likening time spent with her true love to the most blissful vacation she could imagine. The lineup on this single includes Katelyn on lead vocals, Ramsey on guitar and mandolin, Partin on bass and reso-guitar, Arnold on rhythm guitar, and Crouch on fiddle.

With the release of "Getaway," Katelyn Ingardia takes a bold step into the spotlight as a solo artist, sharing her passion for bluegrass with a heartfelt and melodic offering that is sure to resonate with music enthusiasts and bluegrass aficionados alike.

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