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Breaking News: "Pickin & Jammin' Showcase" Returns to Bluegrass Planet Radio with Host Dawn Mac!

*Get ready to tap your feet and immerse yourself in the soulful world of Bluegrass music, as the much-loved "Pickin & Jammin' Showcase" makes its triumphant return to Bluegrass Planet Radio! Hosted by the talented Dawn Mac, the show promises to be a thrilling celebration of the latest Bluegrass music releases and the cherished classics that have won hearts over the years.*

**A Long-Awaited Return:**

After a brief hiatus that left fans yearning for their weekly dose of Bluegrass melodies, "Pickin & Jammin' Showcase" is finally back to quench the musical thirst of listeners. Known for its stellar curation of the finest Bluegrass tunes and featuring the warm and welcoming presence of Dawn Mac, the show has become an essential part of the Bluegrass Planet Radio lineup.

**What to Expect:**

The new season of "Pickin & Jammin' Showcase" is all set to deliver an extraordinary listening experience. Every Wednesday at 7pm ET, tune in to be transported to the heart of the Bluegrass universe. The show will feature the latest releases from renowned Bluegrass artists, offering a sneak peek into the evolving landscape of the genre.

But that's not all; the heart and soul of the show is its engagement with the listeners. Dawn Mac will be taking song requests from fans, making each episode a truly interactive experience. So, whether you have a long-standing favorite you'd love to hear or are eager to discover new talent, "Pickin & Jammin' Showcase" has got you covered!

**Meet the Host, Dawn Mac:**

Dawn Mac, a seasoned aficionado of Bluegrass music, brings her expertise and passion to the airwaves. With a deep understanding of the genre's roots and a keen ear for fresh talent, she curates each episode with care, ensuring that every listener finds something to cherish. Her warm and vibrant personality adds an extra layer of charm to the show, making it a delightful experience for Bluegrass enthusiasts of all ages.

**Tune In and Connect:**

Mark your calendars and set your reminders for the grand premiere of "Pickin & Jammin' Showcase" on Bluegrass Planet Radio. Join Dawn Mac and fellow music enthusiasts every Wednesday at 7pm ET to revel in the beauty of Bluegrass melodies, both new and classic. Don't forget to engage with the show by sending in your song requests and connecting with fellow fans on social media using the hashtag #PickinJamminReturns.

This promises to be a musical journey like no other, celebrating the heartwarming spirit of Bluegrass music and the passionate community that surrounds it. "Pickin & Jammin' Showcase" is back, and it's time to let the music play! The new season begins Wednesday, July 26, 2023!

*For more updates and to listen online, visit Bluegrass Planet Radio's website at Join the conversation on social media by following Bluegrass Planet Radio on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.*

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**About Bluegrass Planet Radio:**

Bluegrass Planet Radio is a leading online radio station dedicated to showcasing the best of Bluegrass music. With a global audience of passionate Bluegrass fans, the station continues to promote and celebrate the genre's rich heritage while also supporting emerging talent. Tune in and be captivated by the magic of Bluegrass Planet Radio.

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