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Daily Featured Artists & New Music

You might have noticed on our social that we are starting to promote a new feature for our station entitled, Daily Featured Artist. Our station is all about helping artists be heard and we are excited about bringing this to the listeners.

Each weekday (Mon-Fri) we will select one artist and their brand new release to feature. We will air their new song all throughout the day beginning at 6am ET.

It is and always has been our mission to bring attention and exposure to artists' new music as it is released. There is so much brand new music dropping right now from Bluegrass artists and we couldn't be more excited!

We hope by bringing this new feature to the listeners, it will help introduce them to some artists and music they may not have heard before and give the artists the credence for their immense talents they so richly deserve.

So stay tuned to learn who our next Daily Featured Artist will be!

If you're an artist and would like to have your music be considered for airplay on Bluegrass Planet Radio, please drop us a line at We accept submissions in mp3 format.

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