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Kyle Cantrell, Bluegrass Junction, Sirius XM & What It Means for the future of Bluegrass

In light of the breaking news earlier this week regarding Sirius XM’s decision to let Kyle Cantrell go, I wanted to take this opportunity to share a few thoughts.

We were just as shocked as everyone else to learn this news & wonder what this could potentially mean for the world of Bluegrass moving forward. I would like to personally thank Kyle Cantrell for everything he has done for Bluegrass music. His has been the iconic voice of Bluegrass for nearly two decades as the morning host of Bluegrass Junction. During his tenure, Kyle has helped to take Bluegrass to new heights & reach audiences worldwide. He’s brought attention & prominence to numerous artists & paved the way to inspire us all to make Bluegrass what it has become. It's hard to deny how much Bluegrass has grown over the past two decades and the integral part Sirius XM and Bluegrass Junction have played in that.

There is much speculation as to what happens next & if Bluegrass Junction will cease to exist in the future. For that, we will have to wait & see what’s to come. Hopefully this does not happen. With every Bluegrass station that comes to an end, that’s one less that artists have for their music to be heard which is so crucial to continue to grow this genre & give the artists the recognition of their talents they so richly deserve. To lose Bluegrass Junction would be a huge hit for our industry and the impact it would have on artists particularly.

As an industry, we have seen the loss of many Bluegrass stations over the past few years. There are not many Internet Bluegrass stations out there, but each one such as The Bluegrass Jamboree, SBB Radio, & Bell Buckle Radio-THE REAL ONE to name a few is important to keep the music alive & growing, even more so now than ever before. It’s important to support each & every one. As one of those stations, we are a mere drop in the bucket and we are so grateful for the opportunity to air the fine music & programming provided to us & for that we thank all the artists, musicians, affiliates & the listeners for making it possible.

Many thanks for the support over the past 5 years. We’re gonna keep bringing the music to you for as long as we can!

Keep Pickin’ & Jammin’ & Grassin’! 🎻🪕

Dawn Mac


Bluegrass Planet Radio

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