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Daniel Grindstaff's 'Forever Young': A Bluegrass Twist with Paul Brewster and Dolly Parton

World-class banjo extraordinaire, Daniel Grindstaff, has recently unveiled his latest single, titled "Forever Young." This exceptional recording features the remarkable lead vocals of American Music mainstay Paul Brewster and Country superstar Dolly Parton, both collaborating with Grindstaff. While it maintains the essence of the well-known Rod Stewart hit, the rendition brings a captivating Bluegrass twist that is a must-hear. The full track of "Forever Young" can be downloaded and/or streamed from the provided link.

Reflecting on the song's timeless lyrics, Daniel Grindstaff shares how they have always resonated with him. The passage of time, as children grow into adults while remaining forever young in the hearts of their parents, strikes a chord with the artist. He considers producing this song as a great honor and is grateful for the presence of a wonderful cast of heroes and friends who joined him in the studio. Special guest vocalists, Paul Brewster and the legendary Dolly Parton, have lent their magical vocals to the recording, fulfilling a dream for Grindstaff.

Throughout the years, "Forever Young" has been covered by various artists, but this version stands out like no other. The anthemic track pays homage to the original while elevating it to new heights with the heartfelt vocals of Brewster and Parton. Notably, Grindstaff also took on the role of producer, contributing to the song's exceptional quality that caught the interest of the guest vocalists. The style of the recording incorporates a contemporary Bluegrass sound with a touch of tradition. Its debut took place on SiriusXM's Bluegrass Junction, where it aired for the first time.

"Forever Young" was originally released by Rod Stewart in 1988 as part of the multi-platinum album "Out Of Order." For Daniel Grindstaff, this single serves as the latest offering from his upcoming project, "Heroes & Friends," which is set for release in the future. The project will unite some of his biggest musical inspirations throughout the years and pay tribute to influential banjo players like Earl Scruggs, J.D. Crowe, and Sonny Osborne. Preceding this release, "Forever Young" follows the original lead single "Three Arrows," which enjoyed considerable success, spending multiple weeks on the Bluegrass Today Weekly Airplay Chart.

To delve deeper into Daniel Grindstaff's musical journey, you can explore his newly launched website at

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