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Henhouse Prowlers' Captivating New Single, "Subscription to Loneliness,"

Chicago's Henhouse Prowlers, a talented bluegrass band, has recently released their third single in collaboration with Dark Shadow Recording, marking an exciting milestone in their debut project with the esteemed label.

The new single, titled "Subscription to Loneliness," was co-written by Jon Goldfine, the Prowlers' bassist, and Rick Lang. This captivating old-time country two-step is brought to life by the enchanting harmonies of twin fiddles played by label mates Becky Buller and Laura Orshaw.

In an interview, Goldfine revealed that the song holds a mildly autobiographical essence. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with Rick Lang, marking their first co-writing experience together. Goldfine shared that the inspiration for the song stemmed from his own youthful pursuit of everlasting love and the subsequent heartbreak that often followed. Drawing from decades of perspective on those past relationships, the song takes on a comical and tongue-in-cheek approach to these heartfelt stories.

While the narrative may be slightly fictionalized to protect the innocent involved, Rick Lang's expertise played a crucial role in honing the song's original essence and capturing the emotions Goldfine had initially intended.

Backing Jon Goldfine on this heartfelt piece are his fellow Prowlers: Ben Wright on banjo, Jake Howard on mandolin, and Chris Dollar on guitar. The band's exceptional musicianship shines through in the intricate interplay of their instruments, complementing the soul-stirring lyrics and creating a truly remarkable musical experience.

With the release of "Subscription to Loneliness," Henhouse Prowlers continues to impress both fans and critics alike, solidifying their position as rising stars in the bluegrass music scene. As anticipation builds for their upcoming debut project with Dark Shadow Recording, listeners can't help but eagerly await what this talented group of musicians has in store for them next.

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