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Introducing the Latest Single from Rhonda Vincent, the Queen of Bluegrass!

Prepare yourself for a delightful musical experience as Rhonda Vincent, the renowned Queen of Bluegrass, unveils her latest single, titled "City of New Orleans," in collaboration with her exceptional band, "The Rage." This song promises to captivate even the most contemporary generation of music enthusiasts, with its blazing performance perfectly tailored to showcase Rhonda's incredible vocal prowess.

Rhonda was pleasantly surprised to discover that "City of New Orleans" was relatively unknown to many of her friends and colleagues, even among those familiar with the song, who were unaware of its train-themed origins. Eager to offer a fresh experience to her audience, Rhonda is thrilled to present a new arrangement of the song, catering to both newcomers and those who cherish its classic version.

The single features the talents of her current band members, including the recent addition of fiddle player Adam Haynes, along with guitar player Zack Arnold, who has been with the band for two years, dobro player Jeff Partin with three years of service, banjo player Aaron McDaris with an impressive thirteen-year tenure, and bassist Mickey Harris, a dedicated member of the band for an incredible twenty-one years.

Rhonda emphasizes the importance of recreating the studio experience on stage, ensuring her audience hears an authentic representation of her recorded work. She takes great pride in her award-winning and exceptionally talented musicians, who not only deliver incredible performances but are also wonderful individuals. Rhonda considers it an honor to work and travel alongside these remarkable men.

"City of New Orleans" serves as the lead single and video from Rhonda Vincent's upcoming project release. Amid their busy touring schedule, Rhonda Vincent & The Rage have embraced the theme of "destinations" for this project, drawing inspiration from a song contribution by Grand Ole Opry Star "Jeannie Seely."

The accompanying video for "City of New Orleans" features delightful musical characters set within a model train environment. The band members appear as miniature versions, while Rhonda shares the screen with her real-life grandson, Titus, bringing the cities to life in a playful and imaginative way.

Rhonda is excited to present Jeannie's new song alongside some surprising additions that she never imagined recording, but which perfectly fit the unique concept of this album.

Rhonda Vincent's achievements speak volumes about her musical prowess, with notable highlights including her induction into the Grand Ole Opry in 2021 and winning the prestigious IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year award an impressive eight times consecutively. The Wall Street Journal even hailed her as the New Queen of Bluegrass, solidifying her impact on the music industry.

In recent times, Rhonda has displayed her versatility by collaborating with a diverse range of artists. She teamed up with Billy Gilman for a captivating bluegrass duet, joined forces with Cody Johnson in the country genre, and also worked with Tim Dugger, contributing her talents to the world of country music.

Prepare to be mesmerized by the enchanting musical artistry of Rhonda Vincent as she presents "City of New Orleans" and her eagerly anticipated forthcoming project. Her exceptional talent and the mastery of her band, "The Rage," will undoubtedly captivate and delight audiences, leaving an unforgettable impression on music enthusiasts everywhere.

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