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Tina Adair Unveils Unique Bluegrass Single "Bad Intentions" from Latest Album

Engelhardt Music Group is proud to announce the release of a fourth single from their ongoing collaboration with the powerhouse bluegrass singer and songwriter, Tina Adair. With an impressive musical background and a successful career, Tina has made a significant impact in the world of bluegrass music.

Tina's journey into the world of music began during her teenage years when she sang alongside her brother in their family band. Her talent was undeniable, leading her to pursue a successful solo career. However, Tina decided to temporarily shift her focus to education, and she graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Music Business from the prestigious Belmont University in Nashville. Despite her commitment to her career at Belmont, Tina's passion for music eventually drew her back to the spotlight in 2012, when she released a solo album that reminded fans of the magic in her voice from the very beginning.

The turning point for Tina's career came when she became a founding member of the supergroup, Sister Sadie. With her strong vocals and witty stage presence, Tina played a pivotal role in propelling Sister Sadie to the forefront of the bluegrass world. Their immense success was acknowledged with an Entertainer of the Year award from the IBMA in 2020. Although she's now back to working as a solo artist, Tina's current album, "Here Within My Heart," has been met with praise from both fans and critics alike.

The latest single, "Bad Intentions," stands as a departure from Tina's typical releases. Co-written with Glen Duncan and Adam Engelhardt, the song boasts a unique melody and rhythmic pattern that sets it apart from mainstream bluegrass. Tina enthusiastically embraces the deviation from the norm and considers it one of the song's most endearing qualities.

Lyrically, "Bad Intentions" resonates with many, as it explores the experience of knowing someone who only reaches out when they need something or have a malicious agenda. For Tina, this venture into uncharted musical territory has been an exhilarating experience, and she encourages listeners to give the song a chance and immerse themselves in its distinctive sound.

The track features exceptional musical talent, with Scott Vestal on banjo, Cody Kilby and Pat McGrath on guitar, Jesse Brock on mandolin, Tim Crouch on fiddle, and Dennis Crouch on bass. Adding to the harmonic richness is Wes Hightower with his masterful harmony vocals.

As Tina Adair continues to redefine her musical boundaries, "Bad Intentions" serves as a testament to her versatility and creativity as an artist. With her captivating voice and evocative storytelling, Tina's latest single promises to captivate listeners and further cement her position as a standout figure in the world of bluegrass music.

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